'Inside Edition' discovers sheets weren't changed at some hotels during COVD-19

July 2, 2020


As restrictions begin lifting and people start staying at hotels again, Inside Edition ran an undercover investigation to see just how serious hotels are taking cleanliness in the age of COVID-19. They checked into several New York City hotel rooms and used a harmless, washable spray to apply a logo only visible under UV light to the pillows, bed sheets and bath towels and then re-checked into the room under a different name to see if the rooms had been properly cleaned.

The fact there's even anything to report should already tell you that the results were horrifying. Spoiler alert: apparently hotels don't change bed sheets or pillow cases?! Even if we weren't living with COVID-19 that's super disgusting. I know what I do in hotel rooms and for them to not sanitize the room afterwards must violate the Geneva Convention. And before you ask what I'm doing in hotel rooms, let's just say it involves some yogurt and a bag of hot dogs and that's already saying too much.

Keep going for the full video that should probably make you rethink any travel plans you have for the next, oh, I dunno, forever.

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