Modified dollar coin that mechanically grips and ungrips sword

July 27, 2020



Russian crafter Roman Booteen modified a United States dollar coin to mechanically grip and ungrip a sword with the press of a button. His pieces usually sell upwards of $10,000, though he doesn't list prices and only sells when somebody makes him an offer he likes. He also only sells to people in the Russian Federation, so unless you're also reading this from Russia there's probably no way to get your hands on one. Which is the only reason I haven't made an offer yet. Not because I'm broke and the idea of spending $10,000 to buy a $1 coin makes me physically vomit. Also, I've been trying to sell people my dollar coins for years and I just get the cops called on me. I guess things really are backwards in Russia.

Keep going for more shots and a video of the gripping mechanism in action, which is totally worth seeing. You can also check out Roman's Instagram for more of his work.


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