Herman Miller and Logitech create a $1,500 gaming chair

July 22, 2020


Herman Miller and Logitech have teamed up to create a line of gaming products, including a $1,500 gaming chair they're calling The Embody Gaming Chair. I guess because it embodies how broke I'd be if I actually bought one? They also have a $1,300 gaming desk they're calling the Motia and a $235 monitor arm they're calling the Ollin, because edgy gamer products need edgy gamer names.

Unlike gaming mice and keyboards that actually include buttons and functions that aid in gameplay, I'm not sure what makes these "gaming" products besides having the aesthetic that's become associated with gamers. It's not like adding funky splines and gluing on brightly colored plastic gives your product extra performance. No, you need pulsating lights for that. Where are the pulsating lights? I need my performance gaming chairs to be extreme.

Keep going for a few more shots of the Embody Gaming Chair, which you can buy on the Herman Miller site.




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