Guy with one hand builds mechanical prosthetic hand for himself

July 30, 2020


Mechanical engineer Ian Davis built this extraordinary mechanical prosthetic hand for himself after losing four fingers in a shop accident two years ago. He started working on the build when he was denied a prosthetic hand by his healthcare provider because they said his fingers weren't "medically necessary". If that wasn't bad enough, he also has cancer. No, that's not a joke.

This man perfectly exemplifies America: the ingenuity and do-it-yourself attitude along with the absolute failure of our institutions and healthcare system. And I don't mean to sound ableist, but I couldn't even imagine building this thing with two hands, let alone one. Hell, give me three hands and I'd struggle with even putting it on.

Keep going for video of him putting the hand on and of it in action. You can check out his build progress on his Instagram page.

Putting the hand on:

And some progress videos of the hand in action:

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