Guy codes own Tetris program and then creates an AI to beat it

July 23, 2020


This is a video of Code Bullet creating an AI to beat the world record for longest Tetris game. In doing so he also had to write his own Tetris program. Even if you don't care anything about AI or coding, it's a pretty interesting glimpse at the mechanics of Tetris. I never even thought about it, but the pieces obviously can't rotate around their center because it would move pieces in between block spaces. And what do you tell an AI is a good move? Filling holes is good, but obviously filling some holes is better than filling other holes. There's an obvious joke to be made there but I'm a sophisticated man of sophisticated tastes so I'll move on.

There's clearly zero legitimacy to the world record since it's not an official Tetris game and just a program he wrote himself, but it's still pretty damn impressive he did the whole thing from scratch. Keep going for the full 17 minute video which is full of swear words if that kind of thing bothers you.

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