FamilyMart to start introducing robot shelf stockers

July 9, 2020


Japan's FamilyMart chain is planning on introducing robots to its workforce this summer to stock store shelves. According to Time Out:

Instead of being fully automated, FamilyMart's robots will be operated by store employees via VR terminals at a separate location. The addition of these new robots will hopefully allow people to have a more flexible work schedule and help stores that have limited staff.

The robots will be tested out in selected FamilyMart locations in Tokyo this summer, with an aim to have them installed in at least 20 stores by 2022. If all goes well, these new robots could become as integral to Japan's konbini as cup noodles and fried chicken.

The robots are designed by Telexistence and are more like robotic drones than actual autonomous robots, so there's less risk of an I, Robot situation happening here. Smart move, because I find customers usually prefer it when robot employees actually do their job instead of turning on their masters and doing murder instead.

Keep going for a promo video for Telexistence.

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