Couch potato goes parasailing with his sofa and TV

July 3, 2020


Turkish YouTuber Hasan Kaval attached a sofa and television to a parachute so that he could maintain his couch potato lifestyle while parasailing. The video is absolutely insane, because I don't see a harness of any kind. Like he's literally just sitting on a sofa flying through the air eating potato chips and watching TV. Maybe there's a secret seat belt somewhere, but if there is it's extremely well hidden. It's also possible people in Turkey just don't care about falling to their death? It really looks like he just gets on a sofa, people push him off a cliff, and then he goes about his life like it's perfectly normal to be in your pajamas chilling on a sofa while 800 feet off the ground.

Keep going for the full video which also includes them building the rig.

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