Alexagate is a device to prevent an Amazon Echo from eavesdropping

July 28, 2020


Internet hooligans MSCHF have released a device they're calling Alexagate that sits on top of an Amazon Echo device to prevent it from eavesdropping by using pulsed ultrasound to jam the Echo's microphone. You clap three times to turn it off when you want to use the device and then clap three times to turn it back on. It costs $99, though I don't think anybody has actually verified whether or not it works. I mean, I tried calling Jeff Bezos to ask if he heard the sounds of my furious masturbating, but his secretary kept telling me I had the wrong number and that they were a Domino's pizza. Nice try, Bezos. Also, your pizza tastes terrible, though it was delivered in a timely manner.



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