1:60 scale model of a Boeing 777-300ER made entirely from manila folders

July 6, 2020


Designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart has been working on this 1:60 scale model of a Boeing 777-300ER since 2008. He's only using manila folders and the results are absolutely astounding. According to Luca:

This project traces its beginnings to an architecture class in high school where we learned to use manila file folders to roughly model our building ideas. The more I worked with paper, the more I fell in love with its versatility. At some point, I got the idea to make a model of an airplane as a way of challenging myself with an unconventional shape.

Though the project began on a much smaller and simpler scale in mid-2008, it has since evolved through multiple revisions to become a highly detailed, true-to-life representation of a Boeing 777. I originally drew my plans by hand, but my desire to increase the accuracy and amount of detail led me to start using Adobe Illustrator to design and print increasingly intricate parts directly onto the folder.

The attention to detail boggles the mind. Every handle, hydraulic, and cable seems to be recreated using nothing but manila folders. I can barely use manila folders to mail paper and this guy has turned them into a design achievement that might rival some actual aircraft. The project is still ongoing, and I imagine he probably won't be finished anytime soon judging by his commitment to detail. It takes time to accurately model individual atoms with manila folders so cut the guy some slack.

Keep going for more shots, along with a time-lapse video of one of the most impressive craft projects I've ever seen.






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