12-year-old girl awarded $20,000 for inventing device to prevent hot car deaths

July 10, 2020


12-year-old Lydia Denton was named the winner of CITGO's Fueling Education Student Challenge and awarded $20,000 after inventing a device to prevent hot car deaths. People writes:

The device works through a pressure pad under the car seat cover, which can sense weight over 5 lbs. When a baby is in the seat, the system starts itself up and monitors the temperature.

If the temperature reaches above 102 degrees, the seat will set off an alarm along with a warning on the LCD display. A text will also be sent to the parent's phone. If the parent does not reset the button within 60 seconds, a message is sent to 911 with the built-in GPS chip, called an Arduino, sending the car's location to emergency services.

Wow this is inspiring. You know what I was doing when I was 12? It was less "inventing devices that would save lives" and more "getting my arm stuck in vending machines trying to steal snacks." Did my efforts help society? Maybe not, but they did result in 911 being called just like Lydia's device so obviously we're both equally great people.



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