WTF Is Wrong With You?: Idiot Steals Package From Neighbor's Apartment Door In Full Dum-Dum Mode

June 12, 2020

This is a video of a super idiot returning from walking his dog (and presumably not picking up after it) and stealing a package from a neighbor's apartment doorstep in the process. His criminal master plan? Pull his shirt over his head so anybody watching the doorbell cam wold never guess it was him even though he just passed with his dog and it still wearing the same thing and still has his dog with him. Foolproof, or proof-fool? Hopefully they let me adopt his dog while he's in the slammer.

Keep going for the video, but the gif is pretty much it.

Thanks to Matty, who agrees he probably only stole it because he saw it was addressed to the scarecrow and from the Wizard of Oz.

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