West Virginians petition to replace every Confederate statue with one of Mothman

June 19, 2020


West Virginians have started a Change.org petition to replace every statue of a Confederate icon with one of Mothman. It sounds like a joke, but the Mothman was actually first sighted in West Virginia in 1966 and has an actual cultural history there. According to an interview with Brenna, the one started the petition:

"These monuments aren't 'celebrating history'; they were specifically created to intimidate Black Americans," Brenna says. "Statues aren't needed to 'remember the past' when so many are still experiencing the repercussions today. Therefore, all monuments honoring the racist and oppressive history of the Confederacy should be removed. And who better to replace them than the Mothman?"

It's a pretty good idea, though I'd prefer if people supported my Change.org petition instead, which would replace the Confederate statues with statues of myself. Mothman is great and all, but did he once eat four Wendy's Baconators by himself without throwing up? I'm the real hero here.

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