Video Of Professional Detailer 20-Hour Deep Cleaning The Nastiest Van He's Ever Seen

June 3, 2020

Wait -- did I see whole chicken nuggets and a quarter hotdog in there?

This is a video of The Detail Geek spending over twenty hours deep cleaning and detailing what he considers the dirtiest and nastiest vehicle he's ever worked on, a 2016 Chrysler Town & Country that appears to have been lived in by raccoons since the moment it rolled off the assembly line. The transformation it makes -- I didn't think it was possible. As a matter of fact I'm still not convinced it was possible and that The Detail Geek didn't just go out and buy another 2016 Town & Country that was only driven to church by a little old lady every Sunday to hit on male widowers. Note: the video is over a half hour long so definitely skip around unless you want to treat this like a free MasterClass in extreme auto cleaning. Personally, I would have probably gone with more of a fire detailing.

Keep going for the video, final reveal at 32:00.

Thanks to Shaun B, who agrees sometimes you just need to mash the gas pedal down with a cinderblock and point that van towards a river.

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