Valuable Info: Guy Experiments To See What Will And Won't Flush Down A Toilet

June 5, 2020

This is a video of Youtuber TylerTube experimenting to see what will and won't flush down a toilet. And I'm talking like a bare minimum toilet too, like JUST the porcelain throne with no pipes attached -- it's just dropping those surrogate turds straight into a baby pool beneath. Included in the experiment are (in order in case you want to skip to something specific): a five gallon bucket of Orbeez, a five gallon bucket of GIANT Orbeez, ten pounds of Swedish Fish, a bag of golf balls, six pounds of unpopped popcorn, a box of marbles, a whole roll of toilet paper, and nine jars of pickles and relish. As he repeatedly states in the video, Tyler hates pickles, which, at least in my very scientific opinion, completely invalidates the whole experiment. *setting laboratory notebook on fire* Keep your wrong hypothesis to yourself.

Keep going for the video and listen to all those stand-in turds cannonballing into the pool.

Thanks to Joseph A, who informed me he's personally produced things that failed to flush. You're gross.

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