Probably the worst hold music of all time

June 25, 2020

Twitter user @jkmb posted the above video of them calling their bank and being put on hold. Make sure your audio is on, because the hold music can only be described as a rendition of Britney Spears' Toxic being played by demon insects and sung by people being tortured in hell. Look, I get it. Nobody likes talking on the phone, and if I wanted to get rid of my customers I'd be playing this too.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Paco for pointing out that the hold music is actually the shittyfluted version of Britney Spears' Toxic. Which is informative but raises even more questions, because why would an actual professional business use this as their hold music? This doesn't exactly inspire confidence in your bank. Oh, you know, that institution you trust to hold all of your money.

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