Taste-O-Vision: A Device That Can Allegedly Synethesize Any Flavor On Your Tongue

June 2, 2020

This is a short video about the "taste display" Norimaki Synthesizer that can allegedly replicate the taste of any flavor on a user's tongue. Some more info while I set my Norimaki Synthesizer to nipple:

It uses a set of five electrolytic flavor gels which are electrically stimulated to produce taste sensations on its user's tongue. The process of electrophoresis is used to subtractively adjust the amount of sweet (glycine), salty (sodium chloride), bitter (magnesium chloride), acidic (citric acid) and umami (glutamic sodium) flavors which are released. Theoretically, these five base flavors could replicate just about any flavor you'd like, and the system has already been used to simulate flavors ranging from sushi to gummy candies.

But how well does it actually work? And shouldn't it be combined with Smell-O-Vision for the full tasting experience? Still, I suppose even if i doesn't work, at least if you use as seen in the gif you'll have a better idea how to pleasure a robot, which will be an important skill to have in the future.

Keep going for the full video, which isn't much more than the gif really.

Thanks to Alex S, who agrees it's all fun and games till somebody turns your taste synthesizer to cat turd.

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