Surprise!: Dashcam And Interior View Of Guy Getting Hit By Rockslide

June 11, 2020

This is a video of an unkempt evil villain getting ambushed by a rockslide near Sausalito, California, causing some $21,000 damage to his Ford Expedition. In his own words while I never drive anywhere near even a small hill ever again:

"So the falling rocks sign came to life on me coming south on 101 in Sausalito last Friday. The top of the cliff about the size of a car fell off and broke up on the way down into 2ft size boulders that felt like they went through my Expedition causing over $21,000 damage. The cring you see on my face is me bracing for death from the boulder that was heading for my face and the car-sized rock that was sure to crush me like a bug. Two big marks on the windshield one right in front of my head and a third one on the passenger window and the glass didn't even crack. I think my Angels were busy. Freaked me out!"

Clearly that Flash t-shirt failed him. With that thing on he should have been able to outrun that rockslide. I mean what's the purpose of wearing a superhero shirt if you're just going to get hit by rocks anyways? I hope he burned it when he got home. The matching tights too.

Keep going for the video, which does include a very choice "Unf***ingbelievable!"

Thanks to Andre D, who agrees that's a day ruiner right there.

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