Strange meteorite-like object falls from sky in India

June 22, 2020


A meteorite-like object fell in Rajasthan, causing an explosion heard 2 km away and leaving a one-foot deep crater. The 2.78 kg object was emitting heat when discovered, and once cooled was sent to a lab to be analyzed:

The officials concerned also got it tested in a private lab located at the jeweller's shop in Sanchore who confirmed that the piece had metallic properties of Germanium, Platinium, Nickel and Iron (10.23 per cent of nickel, 85.86 per cent of iron, platinum 0.5 per cent, cobbit 0.78 per cent, geranium 0.02 per cent, antimony 0.01 per cent niobium 0.01 and other 3.02 per cent).

Looks like a space booger if ever I saw one. "What's a space booger?" It's a booger, but from space. Duh! I don't know why I always have to explain myself to people.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the space booger.



(via The Tribune)

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