Rock-bouncer defies gravity to climb dirt wall

June 18, 2020


This is a video of a rock-bouncer climbing what appears to be a vertical dirt wall. Maybe it's the angle of the camera, but it literally looks like no vehicle should be able to go up without breaking at least a few laws of physics.

Friends and rock racers got together over a weekend to 'play around' in their bouncers (like monster trucks but way cooler) and work out any problems that the buggies might have. Rock bouncing is a form of racing but coming up hills that are next to impossible to climb but these guys do it. They compete in different races over the southern US for money, trophies and bragging rights.

A rock-bouncer is one of those things I didn't even know existed and now I can't live without. Describing it as "like monster trucks but way cooler" was enticing enough, but seeing it drive up a vertical wall just made my 8-year-old self pee himself. Oh, no, that was my today-self. I peed mysef.

Keep going for the full video.

(via ViralHog)

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