Oh Wow: This Beautifully Designed Origami Inspired Folding Chess Board And Piece Storage

June 8, 2020

This is a short video demonstration of the origami inspired folding chess board and piece storage unit created by mechanical engineer Brian Ignaut (who helped design unfolding solar arrays for SpaceX) of Degrees Of Freedom. Per Brian himself while I try to remember how the horsey pieces are allowed to move:

In the design, four wood panels are connected by six stainless steel links, four of which are used in pairs while the last two are used alone. The link pairs keep the joined panels parallel during all movement, while the single links permit rotation between boards which is used when pivoting the board into its playing orientation

Man, some people are so clever. My brain just does not work that way. Or, if we're being completely honest, at all most of the time. FUN FACT: I spent almost all day Sunday troubleshooting my broken laptop because I forgot I'd turned the screen's backlight all the way down.

Keep going for the higher quality Instagram video.

Thanks to Yash S, who agrees chess is already hard enough without also having to figure out how the board is supposed to unfold.

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