Nurse demonstrates that wearing a mask doesn't affect oxygen levels or cause carbon dioxide poisoning

June 29, 2020

nurse-mask-demonstration copy.jpg

It's pretty ridiculous that this is even an issue, but people have been refusing to wear masks because they think it'll lead to suffocation or carbon dioxide poisoning. And since common sense isn't effective and these people think dentists and surgeons are dropping dead every day, a registered nurse from Oakland felt compelled to make this demonstration using a pulse oximetry sensor to show that wearing masks is completely safe. Even with three surgical masks covering his nose and mouth, his oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer remained normal, with no effects to his oxygen saturation levels or any buildup of carbon dioxide.

Unfortunately, this guy is trying to use science to persuade people who clearly don't care about science. This is where I'd usually make a joke, but people politicizing a pandemic and refusing to do something as simple as wearing a mask to save lives just isn't funny. A virus doesn't care about your freedoms or political beliefs, and it's insane people are willing to let people die because they're too selfish to wear a piece of cloth over their face. Masks aren't worn to protect you, they're worn to protect the people around you. Surgeons don't wear a mask because they don't want to catch your cooties. They wear a mask so they don't cough or sneeze into your open wound and kill you. Refusing to wear a mask is the same as a surgeon refusing to wash their hands before operating because of "their freedoms." You're not a hero or freedom fighter, you're a joke and the entire world is laughing at you. Wear a mask.

Keep going for the full science-filled video.

UPDATE: Okay, so this post got a little out of hand. Nobody here was trying to make a political statement because wearing a mask isn't a political statement. It's a matter of courtesy, like returning your shopping cart.

UPDATE 2: Apologies. We know nobody comes here for this kind of stuff and probably actually come here to escape it. We'll have the writer beaten in the backroom with bats until all parties are satisfied.

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