Looks Dangerous: This Wearable Robotic Third Arm

June 5, 2020

This is a video demonstration of the *inhales deeply* 'Multifunctional Remotely Actuated Three Degrees Of Freedom Supernumerary Robotic Arm Based On Magnetorheological Clutches And Hydrostatic Transmission Lines' (MRATDOFSRABOMCAHTL) developed by engineers at the Université de Sherbrooke of Quebec, Canada. It's a 4.2kg [~9.3-pound] hip-worn robotic arm with interchangeable hands that can be remotely controlled to help its wearer complete whatever task they're working on very poorly. I mean, I see the potential, but if this were a wheel it would still be a triangle. That said, I may not have a third arm, but-- "Your penis is not a third leg." I CAN REST LIKE A STOOL.

Keep going for the full video with other examples of its questionable usefulness.

Thanks to DT, who agrees I would not trust the remote arm operator to not make the thing repeatedly punch me.

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