Geekologie Writer, Blasting Off

June 15, 2020


I hate goodbyes, so I won't make this any longer than it needs to be. It is with no small amount of sorrow that I leave my post as Geekologie Writer. After thirteen years and 24,900+ articles, it's time to move on. If we held hands and went back and read every article together, I'm confident we could agree on at least forty that were okay. Because I don't know what I'd do with myself without an outlet to write dumb shit on the internet, I'll be writing over at You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while I work the kinks out of the website like a sensual masseuse, which should be rocking and rolling within the week. I can also be reached via email at with business inquires or if you just want to Venmo me all your money. Like Celine Deon's heart, Geekologie will go on. Jack will probably still die though because Rose didn't save him any space on her raft, but that's life (and death). Thanks for reading throughout the years, and *raising glass* I hope to see you all in space shortly.

No, Geekologie isn't going anywhere

There's obviously no way to fill the void left by Mr. Geekologie Writer, so in looking for a replacement we've decided to go for quantity over quality....
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