Guy Turns The Most Satisfying Sounds He Can Think Of Into An ASMR Song

June 3, 2020

This is a video of musician Dan Mace creating an ASMR song out of the most satisfying sounds he could think of and record, including (but not limited to) a camera's shutter, golf swing, harp, popping bottle of champagne, crushing ice, striking match, ripping hair off leg, breaking eggs, tearing lettuce, opening a Snapple bottle, biting into an apple, a tennis ball bouncing, David Attenborough's voice, Velcro ripping, removing the protective plastic off a laptop screen, and babies crying. I'm kidding, he didn't actually include babies crying because that's the worst sound in the world both to parents and to people who don't have children, but parents can tune out the sound of their own kids crying because that part of their brain has been permanently damaged.

Keep going for the video, actual song begins around 3:10.

Thanks to Luc, who agrees the best sound of all time is rolling over, yawning, and going back to sleep.

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