Golden Gate Bridge Now Hums Eerily (And Loudly) Thanks To Installation Of New Guardrails

June 8, 2020


San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge now eerily hums in high winds thanks to the installation of new guardrails designed to lower the bridge's wind resistance. Smooth move, engineers! Some more details while I email a big 'I told you so!' to the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District for not choosing my fake engineering firm for the job:

Locals started noticing an eery howling a few months back, with one saying they wondered what the noise was in April. The sound projects throughout San Francisco and even across the bay during extreme winds--for better or worse. Engineers touted this as an expected "feature" of the new guardrail system, though those who live close by aren't necessarily in love with the bridge's new throaty pipes.

Right now, the rail replacement is 75 percent complete, meaning it could get even louder soon.

Woops! Apparently the sound can become so loud on the bridge during high winds that it becomes unbearable and hurts your ears. That, uh, that sounds like pretty serious design flaw. Are they going to do anything about it? Only time will tell. Personally, I suggest they install a boombox every ten feet playing even louder music, but that's just me and *duct-taping cell phone to cheek for hands-free operation* I'm a problem solver.

Keep going for a shot of the old guardrails (top) vs the new (bottom), and three videos of the sound from different areas, including one from actually on the bridge.


Thanks to Charlotte and Kev F, who agree at least it ain't the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

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