For Sale: This Impressive Millennium Falcon Steel Fire Pit

June 8, 2020


This is one of the Millennium Falcon fire pits welded and laser cut by Alex Dodson of UK-based Burned By Design (previously). The 3mm mild steel pit measures approximately 29″ x 15″ x 16″ and the entire rear half hinges upward to replace logs or stoke the fire. The made-to-order pits (6 - 8 week lead time) are currently available for sale in the Burned By Design Etsy store for $1,200 plus around $200 shipping outside of the UK. That's not cheap, but owning one will make you the envy of all your Star Wars loving friends. Add this AT-AT grill, this TIE fighter fire pit, and this Darth Vader mask fire pit to your collection and they may never leave. Hey Joseph, your wife's on the phone and-- "I'M MAKING ANOTHER S'MORE." He says he's making another s'more, Julia. What do you want me to-- okay, one more and I'll get the fire extinguisher.

Keep going for some more shots.








Thanks to Brent H, who agrees there's a market for Millennium Falcon everythings, even toilet seat lids, which I'm surprised don't exist already.

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