Do What You Love: Man Provides In-Depth Reviews Of Video Game Bathrooms

June 2, 2020

These are three videos from Youtuber Curious Reviewers providing humorous in-depth analysis and review of video game bathrooms. His commentary is pretty insightful, like this transcript for the gif above:

I felt authentic showers of Heavy Rain, I've been on the toilet in Beyond Two Souls, I was even able to acquire a shower in Sonic Adventures, using the shower for countless hours as Tails kept me company, enhancing the experience.

His voice is so soothing, I almost felt like I was taking a shower in his words. I'm not even sure what that means, I'm really just waiting for some pervert in the comments to let us know how difficult a fap these videos proved. "Pfft, 3 out of 10 tops." Dammit, not you too.

Keep going for three (yes, three!) videos of video game bathroom tours.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees video games really do have something for everyone, even weirdos.

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