Autopiloting Tesla Model 3 Drives Straight Into Roof Of Overturned Box Truck On Highway

June 2, 2020

A Tesla Model 3 in Autopilot mode while traveling along Taiwan's National Highway 1 apparently failed to detect an overturned truck until it was too late, braking at the last moment before crashing right into the top of it like the Kool-Aid Man. Some more details while I wonder how much longer I've got until somebody runs me over in Autopilot:

"The Fourth Highway Police Brigade said that driving Tesla was a 53-year-old man named Huang, who claimed to have turned on the vehicle assist system at the time. It was thought that the vehicle would detect an obstacle and slow down or stop, but the car still moved at a fixed speed, so when the brakes were to be applied at the last moment, it would be too late to cause a disaster."

It's crazy how much people trust features like this. Like this is your life and the lives of the motorists around you at stake and you're taking a nap or playing on your phone because you've got a false sense of safety and security. And just look where it got this guy. "Side view mirror deep into a box truck." Exactly.

Keep going for two different angles of the accident, as well as a shot of the Tesla afterwards that appears to indicate the truck was carrying a load of secret sauce.


Thanks to Josh J and DT, who remember a time when keep your eyes on the road actually meant something.

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