Attempting To Launch A Car Straight Up With 155 Pounds Of Dynamite

June 8, 2020

Note: Keep your volume in check for the liftoff.

This is a video of the fun-loving Finns from the Beyond The Press Youtube channel attempting to launch a car straight up into the wild blue yonder with 70-kilograms (~155-pounds) of dynamite. After watching the attempt, I see now why NASA doesn't send things into space via dynamite, and I apologize for all the angry emails I sent calling them shortsighted eggheads for not trying. I'm also thankful I aborted my plan to sneak into the car's trunk the night before liftoff.

Keep going for the video, launch starts at 6:50, with multiple camera angles and the aftermath following.

Thanks to Josh J and hairless, who agree that pizza definitely isn't make it to the space station in thirty minutes or less.

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