8-Inch Captain Picard Facepalm Busts

June 5, 2020


These are the 8-inch Captain Picard facepalm busts available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth and Tenacious Toys and Big Bad Toy Store and probably other places. The bust paperweights were going to be a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive this year but it was canceled so now they're being sold online. As you may recall (or own), there was previously a 5.5-inch version sold in 2018. These are 8-inches. That's *counting on fingers, thankful I only have half a middle finger on my right hand* 2.5-inches more facepalm! The series is limited to 1,701 (the USS Enterprise's designation) pieces, and will ship by August. Plus, if you ever have a Star Trek: The Next Generation loving friend that ever goes to prison you could probably-- "There's no way that would fit in my butt." Well certainly not with that attitude.

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