3-D Printed Futurama Bender Head Amazon Echo Dot Cover

June 3, 2020


This is the Bender Head Amazon Echo Dot cover 3-D printed and sold by Etsy shop 3DJME. They're available for all generations of Echo Dots and cost between $40 and $45. It's just a shame there's no Bender voice mod for the Echo. 3DJME also sells little Death Star and R2-D2 and covers as well if Star Wars is more your cup of tea, and I included a couple photos of those models as well. Me? I don't have an Amazon Echo or any of the other always-listening devices around my home. I mean, except whatever the government has covertly planted. "You think with his mouthpiece out he'd make a decent pleasurebot?" I'm done with you, I really am.

Keep going for one more shot of Bender and a few of R2 and Death Star.



Thanks to Charles CF, who agrees they should probably at least call these Boozehound Robot, Killer Star and Trashcan Bot covers to pretend like they care about circumventing official licensing.

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