Yikes!: Russian Helicopter Accidentally Fires Missiles At Journalists

May 7, 2020

This is a video from Russia's Zapad-2017 military exercises where a KA-52 Alligator helicopter accidentally fired two missiles towards a group of journalists covering the event (allegedly as a result of a short-circuit in the helicopter's electric system according to the Russian military *eyebarrelroll*). Three of the journalists were injured in the incident (amazingly not critically either), including the one seen strolling along the highway to the danger zone the video. Man, those missiles come QUICK. If you think you're gonna outrun one of those things like a tarantula in Animal Crossing, think again. I mean sure The Flash could do it, but he could also pleasure himself infinitely in the time it took you to read this article. "Huh?" How his penis doesn't catch fire is beyond me, there must be other superpowers at play too.

Keep going for a couple versions of the video (the second with slow-mos), as well as a news report which includes the copter's gun view.

Thanks to Zach C, who agrees nothing is ever purely an accident.

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