Whoa: A Hole In The Head Optical Illusion Tattoo

May 6, 2020


These are black-and-white and color versions of the tattoo inked by artist Matt Pehrson of The Zion Tattoo Company in St. George, Utah on his friend Ryan's dome. Pretty trippy, right? I want to see what it looks like from the other side. Also apparently this is a work in progress, although I'm not sure what else they intend to do unless it's have a spider crawling out of the hole. I bet my girlfriend would loooove to see that when I'm little spoon. Still, this gives me an idea. "Getting a baseball hat tattoo so you don't have to wear one to keep the sun out of our eyes?" Great minds, am I right? "We don't have them." Not at all...

Keep going for the color version while I write to Ryan and suggest he just point to the hole and shrug whenever he's accused of forgetting something.


Thanks to Andrew B, who agrees it's up to you to live your best life. Nobody else is gonna do it for you, they can only help with the tattoos.

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