Voice Deepfake (Speech Synthesis) Of The Notorious B.I.G. Reciting 'I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General'

May 19, 2020


This is a video of an entirely computer generated voice reciting the tongue-twisting 'I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General' from the comic opera 'The Pirates Of Pinzance' after being trained on the speech patterns of The Notorious B.I.G. It does a terrifyingly perfect job, especially considering just how unique Biggie's flow is. Now not to brag or anything, but I've got a pretty unique voice and flow too. "It sounds like a spoon in the garbage disposal. I can't stand it." Honey! "What did I tell you?" Only text.

Keep going for the future.

Thanks to John SW, who agrees in the future nothing will be real, only deepfaked.

Chris Pratt Deepfaked As Indiana Jones

This is another terrifying glimpse of the indistinguishable-real-from-fake future, this time in the form of Chris Pratt deepfaked as Indiana Jones in scenes from all the movies....
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