Video Comparison Of The Deadliest Animals By Probability And Rate Of Death

May 12, 2020

This is a video created by Reigarw Comparisons, visually comparing the deadliest animals by probability and rate of death, with the inclusion of some interesting facts along the way. Can you believe there are only an average of three deaths by bear and four by shark every year? That seems low. Of course I can't imagine bears and sharks advertising their kills the same way big game hunters do, so there's that. And while stingrays didn't even make the list on account of fatalities being so rare *pouring out a little liquor from Australia Zoo souvenir coffee mug* this one's for you, Steve. You'd be so proud of what your children are doing.

Keep going for the video, which ends with only one animal outkilling humans beside humans. *slaps arm* Can you guess what it is?

Thanks to Carmen, who agrees maybe bears and sharks are just really good at disposing of evidence.

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