Trick Shot, Take 2,000: Guy Flips Golf Tee Into Bottle Pour Spout

May 7, 2020


Because with enough time spent at home you can accomplish anything, no matter how incredibly inconsequential, this is a video of a guy with a dog bed full of golf tees successfully flipping one into a bottle's pour spout. I wonder how many tries it really took. And, wait -- is that olive oil? It's not even liquor?! So let me get this straight -- you're spending quarantine trying to flip golf tees into a bottle pour spout sober? Well thank God we didn't get trapped in the same house when the rona hit. "Why's that, GW?" You can't get drunk on olive oil. "Nope, no matter how much you drink." Or balsamic vinegar, I've tried.

Keep going for the actual video (with a much more respectable frame rate), complete with "Let's go! Let's go!" celebration, although I'm fairly certain this guy isn't actually going anywhere.

Thanks to DT, who agrees dream it and you can achieve it, even if you should probably be doing something else with your time.

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