Tai Chi 'Master' Knocked Out Cold 30 Seconds Into Fight

May 20, 2020

Note: Gif above is only the first of three consecutive knock-downs, it's the third that really rings his bell.

This is a video of 69-year old (nice) self-proclaimed tai chi master and heavy social media self-promoter Ma Baoguo getting knocked out by a 50-year old kickboxing coach thirty seconds into their fight, which appears to have been filmed with a camera developed during the same period tai-chi was. Some more info about Ma's punch-out:

Ma had made a name for himself on social media as he promoted what many observers called "kung fu fakery". And not long ago, he created a stir when he teased "stupid" mainland UFC strawweight champion Zhang Weili and even challenged her to a fight.

Many observers have questioned Ma's ability and the "fake kung fu going around" with "Mad Dog" MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong last year calling a tai chi "grandmaster" a fraud while vowing to expose "fake" martial arts.

Now I'll be the first to admit I'm not particularly familiar with tai chi, but I assume the defensive martial art wasn't developed to take repeated unblocked punches to the face until you lose consciousness. Is that right? Or was his next move to curl up in a ball and get kicked until his opponent loses interest?

Keep going for the video, which shows Ma taking a break right before the fight begins to take a sip of something, which was clearly not the same potion Egg Shen shared with Jack and Wang in Big Trouble In Little China before the final battle.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 2:00 for the fight.

Thanks again to hairless, who agrees that is not how you win fights.

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