Sure, Why Not?: A Lid For Dripping Melting Butter On Microwave Popcorn As It Pops

May 8, 2020


This is the Popcorn Popping Lid with Butter Vents available from Uncommon Goods ($11). You just fill a microwave-safe 10-inch bowl with your choice of popping corn, set the lid on top, add a pat of butter to each of the lid's butter vents, and let the microwaving begin! Of course if you're anything like me you'll balance as much butter as you can atop each of those vents because, I don't know if you knew this about me, but I love butter. I don't really like it cold but *microwave beeping* sometimes when I'm really feeling down I'll just melt two sticks and drink it.

Keep going for a couple more shots because they exist.



Thanks to Ben J, who agrees what is popcorn if not an absorbent butter sponge designed to delivery butter and salt to your pie-hole?

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