Stay Away!: Cthulhu Face Masks With Tentacles

May 20, 2020


These are the Cthulhu face masks printed and sewn and sold by Well Done Goods (previously: their Alien facehugger masks). The HP Lovecraft inspired masks are available both with tentacles ($42) and without ($30), but if you don't get the one with the tentacles can you even argue you care about your own health and safety and that of the people around you? I'm just saying, I saw a man with a tentacle-less mask at the grocery store instinctively lower it to sneeze in the produce department. "Soooo...?" So I abandoned my cart and only bought beer.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Christina D, who agrees these novelty masks are going to make for some pretty sexy bedroom play once this plague is over.

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