So Much Whimsy: Woman Creates Aquarium Full Of Crocheted Sealife

May 12, 2020


These are several photos and a short video tour of the aquarium filled with crocheted sealife created by arts and crafter Le Creazioni Di Lindadi (who sells her creations on Facebook). So much whimsy, I love it. Obviously, this would make the perfect pet for someone who's been considering one, but feels that even a fish might be too much responsibility. Hey *rolling tennis ball to cardboard dog cutout* I feel you. I had a pet rock once but I threw it at a kid on my lawn and he kicked it into a storm sewer.

Keep going for some closeups and the video.





Thanks to Elizabeth B, who informed me she'd probably still be able to find a way to kill the whole aquarium. Oh, Liz! Liz liz liz.

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