Satisfying Video Of A Long Concrete Staircase Being Built

May 21, 2020

This is a video of Anthony of West Coast Custom Concrete ("The Best In The West") narrating and discussing the build of the long concrete staircase his company constructed from the street to a home's backyard far below, as its being built. It was surprisingly satisfying to watch. Me? If that had been my company building those stairs it would look a lot less like a job well done and a lot more like a muddy slope and me south of the border with the half cost of the project I requested up front. "You wouldn't!" *twisting ends of fake mustache* Dos cervezas por favor.

Keep going for the video, which really was enjoyable to watch and I don't even have a concrete fetish.

Thanks to Chris G, who never would have imagined the stairway to heaven that chick is buying in the song was constructed of concrete.

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