Ron Swanson Deepfaked As Every Other Character in The Opening Of Parks And Recreation

May 12, 2020

Because the end is rapidly approaches at a speed never before seen, this is 'Parks And Roncreation', a video of Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson deepfaked as every other character in the opening title of Parks And Recreation. I think we can all agree, if this technology wasn't scary before, it certainly is now. *squirming behind desk* "Um, did you just readjust your boner?" IT WAS FROM EARLIER.

Keep going for the full video.

Thanks to DT, who agrees just like pizza or pillows, You can never have too much Ron.

Chris Pratt Deepfaked As Indiana Jones

This is another terrifying glimpse of the indistinguishable-real-from-fake future, this time in the form of Chris Pratt deepfaked as Indiana Jones in scenes from all the movies....
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