Real Products That Exist: The Star Wars Space Slug Desk Organizer

May 28, 2020


Because Star Wars everything (and I do mean absolutely everything), this is the space slug desk organizer available from Regal Robot. The officially licensed exogorth is cast in solid resin, hand painted, includes a black pencil with millennium falcon pencil topper and costs $99. *spit-takes Minute Maid Tropical Punch* My God -- $99?! Contrary to what my roommate just commented as he looked over my shoulder as I wrote this, you should not put your penis in the worm's mouth. Although, if we're being completely honest, now I'm really starting to wonder how you're going to get your $99 worth otherwise.

Keep going for a few more shots.






Thanks to Tim M, who agrees if you don't have a hundred dollar space slug desk organizer, can you really call yourself a Star Wars loving business executive? And where's your Newton's Cradle?

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