Problem Solving: Woman Cuts Hole In Face Mask To Make It Easier To Breath

May 5, 2020


Because ingenuity comes in all shapes and sizes, this is a short video captured by a gas station attendant starring a woman wearing a face mask that she's cut a hole right in front of the mouth of (and bending down to speak under the partition) because, 'Since we have to wear 'em and it makes it harder to breathe, it just makes it a lot easier to breathe.' Running into a gas station to put $10 on pump one and not a marathon aside, I wonder if she feels entitled or just wasn't thinking. Regardless, when compared to wearing a mask, I imagine breathing is much more difficult with coronavirus. No word if she's also been cutting the fingertips off her gloves to make using her phone easier.

Keep going for the video while I remember watching a guy lift his mask to sneeze at the grocery store over the weekend.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees problem solving is best performed when you don't create more in the process.

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