Poor Decision Making: Guy Tries To Skateboard Off His Roof

May 22, 2020


Isn't the board supposed to come with you? Also that back storage room is giving me anxiety.

This is a video of a poor decision making birthday boy who drunkenly decides he's going to make his birthday and deathday the same and attempts to drop into his invisible backyard halfpipe via the roof. Now as a man who's broken his arm twice in his life (snowboarding, then skateboarding), just watching this video sent a lightning bolt through my arm. "Thank God you weren't holding your penis!" Right? It would look like a hotdog that fell through the grill.

Keep going for the full video, complete with "You gonna hurt yourself!" and "You're gonna die!" and this man's desire to try the stunt a second time.

Thanks to DT, who agrees those friends probably should have been better friends and not let this happen.

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