Peekaboo!: Home Air Vent Dragons With Light-Up Eyes

May 7, 2020


These are the vent dragons made and sold by artist David Lee Pancake. The dragons are available in a variety of dragony colors, cost $200 apiece, and are made to be hung on the wall, NOT cover an actual air vent. "But--" Hey, if you want to be hot all summer because the A/C isn't blowing in the living room, that's up to you.

Vent Dragons comes with a little remote control to light up the eyes of the two little monsters and surprise your guests and friends. The lights are powered by 3 AA batteries and should burn for 150 hours before you need to replace them. To replace the batteries unscrew the grate and lift off, the batteries are in a small pack inside. The lighted eyes have 8 different settings from fast blinking to continually glowing and there is a timer to turn them off in 6 hours. Enjoy!

Size: 12x7 inches.

Do NOT install in an actual heating/AC vent.

Gosh, just think how much you could save on home heating and cooling costs if you had ACTUAL fire and ice breathing dragons living in your air vents. I mean granted they'd have to be trained, but I have seen all those movies.

Keep going for a few more shots of some of the different colors.






Thanks to speakerbox, who agrees this is perfect for adding to your 'for your person who has everything' shopping list.

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