Original Band Performs Cowboy Bebop Opening Theme 'Tank!' And Closing Theme 'The Real Folk Blues' During At-Home Quarantine Performance

May 20, 2020


This is a video of SEATBELTS, who performed the entirety of the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, playing the opening theme ('Tank!') and closing theme ('The Real Folk Blues') during an at-home virtual quarantine concert (two members of which you may recognize from the recently posted Animal Crossing theme performance). I can't stress it enough, if you haven't already watched Cowboy Bebop in its entirety, do it now so you at least have something to show for all the time you've spent at home during quarantine. If you're like a lot of the idiots I call friends it'll be one of the most important things you even accomplish during this time, and, at least for Dave, Sam, James, Randi, Ryan, Luke, Chrissy and Adam, probably the only thing.

Keep going for the two performances, as well as the originals from the show for reference.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees I think it's time we blow this scene, get everybody and the stuff together. Okay, three, two, one, let's jam!

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