Oh Lordy: Pig Feeds On Fermented Corn Mash, Gets Super Drunk, Rolls Down Hill

May 14, 2020


This is a video from a man in Cecilia, Kentucky, whose micro pig got super drunk after gorging itself on fermented corn mash that it wasn't supposed to. Some more info while I ask my girlfriend what fermented corn mash is, and if we happen to have any in the pantry:

"I had a broken deer feeder that got water in it and the corn fermented. I dumped the bad corn into a field that wasn't supposed to have any animals in it. The next day, we found the pigs escaped their own pen I thought it would be funny to video it for a friend of mine that loves Moonshine. I showed it to my wife, she got such a laugh that she posted it on her Facebook page. The response has been crazy but exactly what she wanted, to give people a little laughter with the world in such an uncertain and sad time. We had to put her in the barn and kept an eye on her all night. Animal control has confirmed that the pig is just fine."

Man, that roll down the hill and stumble off at the end of the video...I've been there before. I think it was like my 21st birthday or something. "It was last Monday." QUARANTINE IS GETTING TO ME. "Is it?" *pouring beer in eyes* Noooooo, I'm fine -- it's fine.

Keep going for the full video, unstoppable barrel-roll down the hill at around 1:15.

Thanks to DT, who agrees that little piggy probably built its house out of empty beer cans.

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