Now You're Talking: 40-Ounce Jabba The Hutt And 45-Ounce Rancor Tiki Mugs

May 4, 2020


In honor of Star Wars Day and humongous tropical cocktails, these are the 40-ounce Jabba The Hutt and 45-ounce Rancor tiki mugs created by Geeki Tiki and available from Toynk. Either mug costs $75 and Jabba comes with a 2.5-ounce Bib Fortuna mini mug, and the Rancor with a Oola mini mug. Obviously, I'll announce out loud that I refuse to drink out of anything else, and die of dehydration a few days later.

Keep going for a few more shots.





Thanks to DT and Gillady, who agree if your cup can't hold a whole forty of Olde English 800, what's the purpose?

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