Nooooope: Guy Explores 'Hell Hole' Ultra-Tight Cave System To Challenge His Claustrophobia

May 18, 2020

This is a video of adventurer Brandon Gross spelunking part of the 'Hell Hole' cave system (aka IXL Cave) in Santa Cruz, California. Hell Hole is known for its incredibly tight passages, which Brandon agreed to explore in an attempt to face his claustrophobia. I'd be lying if I said that looks like anything but the worst time to me. There are only two things I'm afraid of-- "Ghosts and caves." I've seen you read my dating profile. But wait -- then why didn't I get a match notification? *indignantly* I can't believe you!

Keep going for the video and remember without their headlamps everything is pitch black.

Thanks to Josh J, who agrees sometimes you just have to accept that you may die in a cave alone in complete darkness because you fell and broke both your legs and your friends all agreed to pretend like they went to the mall that Saturday morning and not spelunking.

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